New Era Players

The Importance of Being Earnest

Written by Oscar Wilde

Directed by Stephen Bennett

Performed in July 2017

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  • (in order of appearance)
    Lane - Stephen Bennett
    Algernon Moncrieff - Alexander Greenwood-Forkin
    Jack Worthing - Sam Prentice
    Lady Bracknell - Nancy Danks
    Gwendolen Fairfax - Pippa Higgins
    Miss Prism - Carol Hultmark (Thur & Sat), Vikki Goldsmith (Fri)
    Cecily Cardew - Emily Beck
    Reverend Chasuble - Peter Hendrickx
    Merriman - Graham Salter

  • Exquisitely trivial, a delicate bubble of fancy; in which all trivial things of life are treated seriously and all the serious things of life are treated with triviality.

    This is an outdoor performance in the grounds of Shaw House in Newbury.